Frequently Asked Questions

Are the offers guaranteed?
Yes, our deals are all genuine discounts as you will be able to see if you visit the sites directly! However, please be aware that some offers may be removed at any time, so if you see what you’re interested in we’d recommend you purchase as soon as possible as sometimes the website owner will request we remove the discount. In the event that you think a discount is not working, please contact us so that we can look into it further.

I can’t see the offer when I visit the site
It’s important to ensure that your browser is not storing cookies from a previous visit to the same website. To overcome this, please clear your browser cookies or load TransPorn Deals in a fresh browser to ensure you do not have any old cookies. You should then see the discount offer displayed on the website’s join page.

Who do I contact in case of a problem?
If you require assistance joining the website or have a password or billing enquiry, please contact the relevant website. We are unable to provide customer support for your membership. However, all of the websites that we offer discounts for are trustworthy sites who have great customer support… we wouldn’t work with them if they didn’t!

Do you have a deal for “this” website?
We approach the website owners directly to see what discounts or offers they can provide to us. We’ve got a great reputation and the website owners know we can provide them with some good sales! Whilst we can’t guarantee a discount for any particular website, we do try to ensure we cover most bases! However, if there is a website that you think would be great to be featured on TransPorn Deals at a discounted price please feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do!


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